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Community Health Workers


The Role of Peer Support in Diabetes Care and Self-Management.

Brownson CA and Heisler M.

Patient, 2009, 2(1): 5-17.

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Quality Improvement in Diabetes Care Using Community Health Workers

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Integration of a Promotora-Led Self Management Program Into a System of Care

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Advancing Diabetes Self-Management in the Mexican American Population: A Community Health Worker Model in a Primary Care Setting

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The Impact of Promotoras on Social Support and Glycemic Control Among Members of a Farmworker Community on the US-Mexico Border

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Move More Diabetes: Using Lay Health Educators to Support Physical Activity in a Community-Based Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

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Teaching How, Not What: The Contributions of Community Health Workers to Diabetes Self- Management

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The Diabetes Educator, June 2007, 33(Suppl 6): 208S-215S.



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